Hosting services

Do you know that peak traffic generation by our customers is more than 250Gbps.

Do you need a power of the dedicated server on web-hosting? We count only pages views/bandwidth!

  • We offer you the account on the powerful dedicated server in NL or US on your choice (at least two 12-core processors Intel Dodeca-Core Xeon E5-2650 v4, 48 x 2.2GHz, with hyper-threading and good powerful server platform Dell R730xd);
  • High-speed Internet access of up to 1 Gbit/s;
  • CPU / RAM / IOPS resources with no limits. We count only pages views/bandwidth, which putting a process of choice of the tariff that you need on the easiest level;
  • Transferring from another hosting provider for FREE OF CHARGE by request!
  • Ultra-fast SSD storage for your data which can provide in 1000 times more performance than same storage from HDD drives!

Is it not enough? Try our VPS (KVM) like dedicated in NL/US: E5-2650v4 (6 Cores) / 10GB DDR4 / 240GB SSD / 1Gbps 10TB - $29!

* In calculating the number of views per month, we consider the average webpage size 700 KB. The number of views is obtained by dividing the average monthly traffic by the webpage size. For example, for a minimum tariff plan, 200*1024*1024/700 = 299 593.14. Thus, if the average size of the pages of your website is lower than 700 KB, for example 200 KB, you can get a lot more views (200*1024*1024/200 = 1 048 576), and vice versa.

Free website builder

All our packages include a powerful website builder absolutely for free. Features list include:

  • more than 190 website templates;
  • easy to use visual editor;
  • creating online stores;
  • payment modules;
  • and way more features.

Follow this link and try on your own how easy the website creation can be.

Why our discounts are so magical for those paying for a year ahead

  • Long-term cooperation enables users to better plan the capacity they want;
  • High monthly and low annual prices drive away those intending to use hosting services for illegal purposes, for example, spamming;
  • Low annual price ensures that all our users are honest webmasters ready for long-term cooperation -- a dishonest client will never overpay; rather he/she would prefer paying for long-term services in order to save costs;
  • Low annual cost gives access to hosting service even for beginning webmasters and projects with small number of visitors.

What we offer

  • Our systems are powered by at least two 12-core processors Intel Dodeca-Core Xeon E5-2650 v4;
  • Users can consume as much traffic as they want, because each of our hosting server has Internet connection bandwidth of at least 1 Gbit/s, and this capacity can be increased to 40 Gbit/s;
  • At a time when most hosting providers are still using slow SATA drives that provide no more than 50-140 input/output operations per second (IOPS), our solutions are designed based solely on solid-state drives SSD that feature 50,000 IOPS and above!


  • All our tariff plans are limited only by the maximum number of visitors per month (traffic). However you can buy as much traffic as you want to increase your tariff plan to the required limit;
  • Since the traffic consumed is inseparably linked to the CPU/RAM/IOPS resources used, there are almost no limitations in terms of system resources because our high-quality hardware systems make traffic consumption instantaneous in nature, thus enabling you use hosting server resources fully and more effectively;
  • On the hosting server, it is prohibited to place projects for conversion of media files, traffic proxying or for performing complex computations;
  • It is forbidden to host political sites, websites prone to DDOS attacks, as well as resources that can be blocked for users residing in Russia;
  • OFISP Internet Regulations, as well as Terms Of Service, must be fully complied with.
We are confident that our hardware systems are highly secure and we are ready to guarantee 99,5%* server uptime/availability. 99.5%
Uptime * 95...99% 90...94,9% less than 90%
Refund ** 25% 50% 100%
* Server downtime is due to pre-scheduled maintenance work. Notice on such maintenance work is always posted on the website in advance. Downtime from such maintenance work is not deducted from uptime.
** Uptime for a calendar month is used when calculating compensation costs. Payment is made at the rate of the specified part of the monthly cost.