About us

Do you know that peak traffic generation by our customers is more than 250Gbps.

Server leasing services in the Netherlands, the United States and Singapore are provided on behalf of the company SIA "UA-Hosting".

We have been providing hosting services since April 2006. It was that year that we opened our first non-profit project, which required a dedicated server and large traffic. Of course the content of the project needed to pay off somehow. Besides, with time we planned other projects requiring not even one, but several servers, with channels of much bigger bandwidth. So we started to provide hosting services, enabling non-commercial sites to exist free of charge and allowing commercial sites to be hosted on our servers at low cost.

As time went on, we gathered more experience and the demand for our services also grew. After all, the uniqueness of our proposal is that we host your projects on the same server as our own projects. Therefore, we strive to provide the highest quality services at the best prices. In July 2009, we were finally able to offer our services in large-scale. We received funding and expanded the range of our services significantly. They were separated on a separate site. From 1st November 2009, we introduced a full range of services, including outsourcing, thanks to close cooperation with several companies.

Since our existence from 2006, we have hosted thousands of websites. Almost all our hosting clients hardly think about leaving us and that's a testimony to the high-quality of our hosting services. In 2014, we became one of the largest traffic generators. Our client’s total traffic in the Netherlands exceeded 256 Gbit/s:

For someone, this is a small number, but for others, it could be a significant figure. The capacity of all channels in Africa was only 4 times higher, but we are of course not in Africa :). However, not all Data Centers generate more than a quarter terabit traffic. We were able to become one of the major traffic generators within a period a little more than a year. And we are continuing to grow.

The secret is simple: we offer high-quality, very stable and flexible solutions and we focus primarily on customer needs and satisfaction, and not on profit-making.

This is precisely why our clients and us are able to -- on a daily basis, as of the year 2014 -- consume about 2 PB of total traffic (2048 TB) or about 60 PB (61440 TB) of bandwidth per month, and at the same time, at a relatively very low cost. As you know, cost depends on where and how the traffic is delivered.

We are constantly growing and improving. Today, January 20, 2015 is our next stage -- we are commencing work in a new global domain http://ua-hosting.company/. This domain fully reflects our global focus, as opposed to the previously used http://ua-hosting.com.ua/. We are starting work with a new site, a new billing system and unique new services. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience and all this has enabled us create a unique Internet hosting service, which did not exist in the market before. Now your tariff plans are transparent, computing resources are not strictly limited, and only the traffic matters. You get what you pay for and even more! Do you need a high-quality and inexpensive service? Join us now! We will be glad to help you!