Our locations

Do you know that peak traffic generation by our customers is more than 250Gbps.

We are trying to fullfil any customers& needs so we keep moving forward and extend the geography of our services. Currently we are ready to offer services in 4 data-centers located in 3 different countries:

This country is represented by two data-centers: Switch and EvoSwitch located in Amsterdam. Country is known by its loyal laws and perfect connectivity with all Europe.
United States
If your target audience is located in North or Central America, COPT data-center (Manassas) is the best choise for you. Countru and state laws allow to host a wide variety of projects.
Singapore is one of the largest IT hubs in Asia. It has good connectivity with other countries of this region. If you are interested in Asian audience and market SIN-11/Pacnet data-center is exactly what you need.

We continue extending our geography and will offer you new options and locations. Please follow our updates.