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Do you know that peak traffic generation by our customers is more than 250Gbps.

OpenVPN - connection to the Internet "on top" of the standard Internet connection is necessary to you if:

  • Your network privacy is important and you do not want anyone, including your provider to know what web-sites you visit and what you are doing on the Internet;
  • You want to be able to access the Internet without the constraints imposed by local providers or even countries on visit websites with limited access;
  • Get a secure encrypted connection, additional protection against theft of passwords, datas of payment cards or hacking when dealing with public Wi-FI;
  • Get the IP-address in the Netherlands or the United States to choose from and be visible on the Internet, as users of these countries;
  • Save the traffic, improve the speed and stability of the connection, because data transmitted over an encrypted channel has been compressed

  • And it's all with magic price as $0.99 / month with an automated setting to connect in a single click!

You can check the channel which is provided to you. Note. When you testing the channel, make sure that on the receiving side channel corresponds to the test strip.


  • Quick and easy connection

    You no longer need to experience difficulties when you change network settings, when you register all usernames, passwords and certificates. To connect to our VPN - just download the archive with the key and run the configuration file connect.ovpn. After that, all settings will be registered automatically and you can select the connection "connect" in your VPN client.

  • Incredibly low price with 1 Gbit/s speed of conection

    In difference to other VPN-providers we not only set the lowest price for such service - from $0.99 / month, but also provide one of the fastest VPN-connection - to 1 Gbit/s. Now the speed depends only from your Internet provider (subject to good channels to Netherlands, USA or Singapore from your ISP). Speed can be even more due to compression of data that is transferred by VPN-connection.

  • High fault tolerance of VPN-connection due to use of the cloud

    VPN-connections are managed by virtual servers located on cloud platform, witch means that every user gets connection with higher fault tolerance because, in case of the problems, cloud planform will reboot virtual server on other machine without physical human intervention.

  • Get «closer» to Asia

    It’s not a secret that resources form Asian segment of the Internet not always work fast due to bad external Internet channels of India, China and other countries from asian segment. From Singapore you get great connectivity to other asian countries. And our VPN in Singapore, witch is managed by cloud platform, with good connectivity with world, can help to increase quality of connection to resorces from Asia.