Our video service means not only online movie theaters that are increasingly gaining popularity, but also any other site that is one way or the other associated with loading, processing and broadcasting of stream video. Clients that host video portals have been patronising us for a long time now. Those, who, with ready-made solutions, have had to build the structure together with system administrators. Constant demand prompted us to look for a ready-to-use solution for such problems.

And guess what? We were able to develop such a solution. Kernel Video Sharing is not just an ordinary script used to create “tubes”. It enables you to create your own multipurpose video portal with blackjack and ... well you’ve got the idea.

In cooperation with the developers of media portal management system Kernel Video Sharing, we are ready to provide Ultimate KVS license with open source code FREE OF CHARGE for one domain to all clients who bought servers 1, 2, or 10 Gbps Unmetered. To this end, after we have provided the server, you only need to make the request by specifying the domain for which you need a license. Additional licenses and licenses for subscribers who do not fall under the terms of the promo can be provided at a cost equal to one-third of the retail price — $300.

More information about KVS can be found on the Kernel Video Sharing.



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