“Our service is incredible. It took us a ‘while’ to get where we are right now. And that ‘while’ makes us different from other hosting providers — we are in for a long ride”

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New location in New York City. NJE-1 Data Center.

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United Kingdom

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You can order any of our servers in the Netherlands with RU GEO IP (Moscow region) and thus many systems will identify you as a resource hosted in Russia.

🌍 And all world

And all world

16 yearsof experience

16 years of experience


3700+ customers

  • High warranty of all equipment
  • Individual approach to each client
Our history
From the beginning
april 2006

First clients, first positive feedback

It was in 2006 that the first clients from a non-profit project dedicated to one of the most “useless” sciences — astronomy — appeared. Some of the first clients still use our services today, for more than 15 years. Learn in full about who and what we are from our corporate blog on Habra, and in particular from our history, there you can also see a little “ua-hosting in persons”, look at the people who worked and work for you:

“ua-hosting.company” or how to become a hosting provider from scratch and generate more traffic than the whole Belarus


“Migration” to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the most law-abiding country in Europe. And its convenient geographical location makes it possible to build good connections with both America and Europe, including Ukraine and Russia — the main consumers of traffic of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. And it is also possible to host legal sites for adults in the Netherlands, which is impossible in many other countries due to imperfect legislation, or possible with restrictions. For example, in almost all of Germany, with a plug and paid access, it is allowed, but not in the public domain. For some reason, even there politicians do not think about the fact that minors, if necessary, can use a parent’s card or go to a site hosted in another region, where there are no restrictions.

We have become one of the largest traffic generators

For someone it is an insignificant figure, but for us it is significant, for comparison, the bandwidth of all channels in Africa was only 4 times higher, but we were obviously not in Africa :) . Nevertheless, not every Data Center generates more than a quarter of a terabit per network. We managed to become one of the big traffic generators in a little over a year. And we continue to grow.


First office

In 2015 we started to work as a sales department from one office, forming a full-fledged team of ua-hosting.company. Not all of them “survived” and continue to work in the company, but everyone definitely gained invaluable experience. This is our history, and we are proud of everyone.


We started work in the new international domain ua—hosting.company

We started with a new website, new billing, and new unique services. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience. All this allowed us to create a unique hosting service with transparent tariff plans. Moreover, computing resources are not limited strictly and only traffic is taken into account. This approach is clear and comfortable for the user.


Conference in Los Angeles

We have never spared for development and have sponsored various events, including sponsoring a conference in Los Angeles, becoming on a par with such famous brands as Huawei and Lenovo, but sending there the largest number of representatives of all business representatives, not looking at ROI and other parameters, but paying attention to the main thing — people.

For more than 10 years we have been working for you at any time of the day and night from all over the world, sometimes our office is located in an ordinary subway or in an airplane cabin.

But we always get work done, regardless of the conditions. Read more in our article:

Исповедь босса: как работать путешествуя, уволить половину отдела в LA и зачем спонсировать МексЭтноЭксп Тёмы Лебедева

december 2021

ua-hosting.company — задизайнено в студии Артемия Лебедева, 15 лет спустя



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