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CMS DataLife Engine — 50% OFF

Create a portal to the Internet in 1 hour with Data Life Engine and get 50% discount for license from us

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For over 15 years we have been providing hosting services for projects on the Internet, our story is available here: “” or how to become a hosting service provider and generate more traffic than the whole Belarus

"It’s funny, I didn’t even know in what directory I should have uploaded my site files (public_html) and how to assign an index page when I tried to make my first website available on the Internet. But thanks to Data Life Engine, I later learned not only that, but also that a full-fledged portal, which can be filled by several users simultaneously, have many millions of visitors and huge functionality — you can create one, without programming skills and complicated learning process. Today we want to help you make the first step in the Internet and provide unlimited license for Data Life Engine with 50% discount from the price of the developer, it’s enough to order any service from us and tell us that you need a discounted license.

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CMS is a content management system, Data Life Engine is the best and one of the oldest, but not outdated, it is developing and constantly improving. This is not a stupid constructor, where you just create your own page, where no one will go. This is a full-fledged platform that allows you to create a popular website on the Internet. Whether it’s a news site, a portal containing forums and photo galleries, a video service site like Youtube or a personal Instagram — you can do it all. And the most important is that only you own the site, only you decide where and how to place it, whether to charge for access to this or that part of it and what your users can do on the site.

How difficult is it to create a website?

  • Download the distributive script (archive with CMS files)
  • Upload it to your hosting
  • Install (follow the instructions in your browser)
  • All! That’s all, your site is working!

What benefits do you get from your site?


Convenient control panel

  • Add publications to your site and manage your users
  • Manage polls, voting, and promotional materials
  • Manage templates, meta tags and send messages


Great features for visitors

  • Can also help you publish content
  • Communicate in comments, and through personal messages
  • Rate posts and comments, vote


Social media integration

  • Ability to log in to the site via the social networks
  • Ability to share publications on social networks
  • Micro markup for social networks

You can read more on the developer’s website —

We will be glad to provide you with unlimited license with 50% discount if you order hosting, virtual or dedicated server from us. To get a license, open a request to the sales department and specify what service and domain you need it for



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