Server Administration

Do you know that regular backups may save you a lot of time, money and nerves.

Why Choose Us

  • We bring to the industry over 5 solid years of experience and expertise;
  • We offer the lowest possible prices;
  • Your orders are processed immediately they are placed;
  • We offer individual lucrative discount schemes for regular clients.

Managed services tariffs

Outsourcing A Outsourcing B Outsourcing C
10hours per month 3hours per month 1hour per month
up to 3servers up to 2servers 1server
$10 per houroverusage $15 per houroverusage $20 per houroverusage

за $80 per month

за $40 per month

за $20 per month

Please note: if you subscribed for maintenance services on any day except the 1st day of the month, that current month will be considered as a full month.

Receiving your 50% discount

When you order for maintenance services as part of a cloud VPS or server you get a discount of 50% of the cost stated above. In this case, the service cannot be canceled separately and it applies only for that server to which it is bound. Discount does not apply if you exceed the limit time included in the tariff plan.

We configure and maintain the following:

  • Web servers (Apache, Nginx + PHP + MySQL);
  • Load-balancing cluster systems (ipvs+keepalived, pf + CARP);
  • Database servers (MySQL);
  • NFS, Samba, FTP and SFTP servers;
  • DHCP, ARP servers (statically bound to MAC);
  • Mail systems (postfix + dovecot);
  • Resilience enhancing systems (VRRP, CARP);
  • Content synchronization systems (csync2, rsync);
  • VPN servers (pptp, openvpn);
  • PSec tunnels (racoon or using static keys);
  • FreeBSD routers (ipfw, pf);
  • DNS servers (Bind);
  • Other services.

Tariff plans Outsourcing (administration/support) include:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your servers by our experts;
  • Resolving emerging issues without involving you: your sites are always functioning;
  • 10 minutes is the response time for critical issues during the day and 30 minutes at night;
  • Server optimization for your projects and tasks (within the time included in your subscription fee);
  • Updating the server software, installing the necessary accompanying software and modules;
  • Installation/configuration and support for DDoS-resistant systems (program protection only for tariffs Outsourcing A and Outsourcing B);
  • Any other administration activities within the time included in the subscription fee.

It is advisable to leave the last hour of operation for cases involving critical situations on the server and for scheduled maintenance by our administrators. It is for this reason that full support for tariff plan Outsourcing C is not available. However, little work can be carried out at user’s request!